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J&K PHE, I&FC DepartmentJ&K PHE, I&FC Department
J&K PHE, I&FC Department
What's New
Allotment Order

  Corrigendum to Govt. Order No. 423-PW(Hyd) of 2017 dated 16.10.2017

  Placement of JEs, Degree/ Diploma Holders (Civil) as I/C AEs (Civil )

  Computerization of personnel records of the officers of PHE,I&FC Department.

  Filling of Annual Property Returns by the Public Servants within a stipulated date every year-regarding.

  Non submission of Dates of Birth of Junior Engineer (Diploma)-Furnishing of Information reg.

  Furnishing of information/ documents of Junior Engineer (Civil) Degree Holders.

   Capex Budget 2017-18- Release of  funds

  Capex Budget 2017-18- Release of  additional funds thereof.

  Capex Budget 2017-18- Release of  additional funds thereof.

  Revalidation and release of funds under LIC Loan Assistance.

  Accord of Adminstrative approval for Water Supply Scheme, Pushkari, Distt. Anantnag under District Sector with NABARD Loan Assistance.

  Capex Budget 2017-18- Release of  additional funds thereof.

 Transfer and Posting of Engineers

 Transfer and Posting.

 Transfer and Postings.

 Transfer and Posting of I/C  Assistant Engineers (Mech).

 Attachment of Engineer (Civil).

 Transfer and Posting of I/C Assistant  Executive Engineers / Assistant Engineers (Mech).

 Assigning of the Charge of Chief Engineer, I&FC, Kashmir

 Transfers and Postings.



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